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Succes 2010: Dan Aykroyd, un ghostbuster celebru

Daniel Edward "Dan" Aykroyd, CM (born July 1, 1952) is a Canadian comedian, singer, actor and screenwriter. He was an original cast member of Saturday Night Live, an originator of The Blues Brothers (with John Belushi) and Ghostbusters, and has had a long career as a film actor and screenwriter. In 1990, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Driving Miss Daisy.
Aykroyd was good friends with John Belushi. According to Aykroyd, it was his first meeting with Belushi that helped spark their popular Blues Brothers act. When they met in a club Aykroyd frequented, Aykroyd put on a blues record to play in the background, and it stimulated a fascination with blues in Belushi, who was primarily a fan of heavy rock bands at the time. Aykroyd educated Belushi on the finer points of blues music and, with a little encouragement from then-SNL music director Paul Shaffer, it led to the creation of their Blues Brothers characters. Backed by such experienced professional R&B sidemen as lead guitarist Steve Cropper, sax man Lou Marini, trumpeter Alan Rubin and bass guitarist Donald "Duck" Dunn, the Blues Brothers proved more than an SNL novelty. Taking off with the public as a legitimate musical act, they performed live gigs and released the hit album Briefcase Full of Blues in 1978, and were further popularized in a 1980 film. The Blues Brothers Band continues to tour today, featuring original members Cropper and Marini, along with vocalist Eddie Floyd.
Early in the incarnation of the Blues Brothers, Belushi joined the Grateful Dead on stage on April 2, 1980, for a rendition of "Good Morning Little School Girl" at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, N.J (coinciding with the Dead performing on SNL that weekend). Belushi sang the part usually carried by the late Dead band member "Pigpen."
Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles was a regular haunt for the original Blues Brothers back in the early days of the band. Belushi and Aykroyd became fixtures at the recording studio, while fellow Blues Brother Steve Cropper called Cherokee his producing home. Whenever they needed a bass player, they were joined by another Blues Brother, Donald "Duck" Dunn. During this time, Cropper along with producing partner and Cherokee owner Bruce Robb worked on a number of music projects with the two comedians/musicians, including Belushi's favourite band Fear and later Aykroyd's movie Dragnet.
Aykroyd and Belushi were scheduled to present the Academy Award for Visual Effects in 1982, but Belushi died only a few weeks prior to the ceremony. Though devastated by his friend's death, Aykroyd presented the award alone, remarking from the stage "My partner would have loved to have been here to present this, given that he was something of a visual effect himself." Not a few years before, when he and Belushi were making an appearance on the Today show, he referred to them as "kindred spirits." In the biography "Belushi", Aykroyd claims that Belushi was the only man he could ever dance with.
In 1992, Aykroyd, along with many other notable music and Hollywood personalities, founded the House of Blues. Its mission is to promote African-American cultural contributions of blues music and folk art. From 2004 until its sale to Live Nation in 2007, it was the second-largest live music promoter in the world, with seven venues and 22 amphitheaters in the United States and Canada. Aykroyd also contributes his voice to the weekly House of Blues Radio Hour, which he hosts in the character of Elwood Delaney aka Elwood Blues. This show is hosted in the United Kingdom (from 16 July 2012) on Jazz FM. Today, the Blues Brothers still tour. Aykroyd still performs as Elwood back with Belushi's younger brother James Belushi, who plays "Brother Zee" on stage. They are almost always backed by The Sacred Hearts Band.

Succes 2010: Ray Dorset, solistul trupei Mungo Jerry

Înfiinţată în 1969 de Ray Dorset, formaţia pop Mungo Jerry a avut un succes internaţional fantstic. Prima apariţie a trupei s-a petrecut în 1970, în timpul Hollywood Festival,unde au cantat alaturi de Jose Feliciano, Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Free, Ginger Baker's Airforce şi mulţi alţii.
MG se identifica de fapt cu solistul-compozitor Ray Dorset, care a infiintat, alaturi de Phil Collins, prima sa trupa - BLUE MOON SKIFFLE GROUP, la doar 11 ani.

Alături de Elton John, Ray este singurul artist britanic ce a avut acelaşi hit pe locul 1 în SUA de două ori.

Hituri ale formatiei MUNGO JERRY: IN THE SUMMERTIME 25 săptămâni în topuri - BABY JUMP 14 săptămâni în topuri - LADY ROSE 17 săptămâni în topuri - ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT 13 săptămâni în topuri - OPEN UP 9 săptămâni în topuri - WILD LOVE 8 săptămâni în topuri

Succes 2010: Joan Rivers, actrita americana

* Once Upon a Coffee House (1965)
* The Swimmer (1968)
* Rabbit Test (1978) (also director and writer)
* Uncle Scam (1981)
* The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)
* Les Patterson Saves the World (1987)
* Spaceballs (1987) (voice)
* Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (1988)
* Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989) (voice)
* Look Who's Talking (1989) (voice)
* Public Enemy #2 (1993)
* Serial Mom (1994)
* Napoleon (1995) (voice)
* Goosed (1999)
* The Intern (2000)
* Whispers: An Elephant's Tale (2000) (voice)
* The Making and Meaning of 'We Are Family' (2002) (documentary)
* Hip! Edgy! Quirky! (2002)
* Shrek 2 (2004) (voice)
* First Daughter (2004)
* The Last Guy on Earth (2007)
* Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (2010) (documentary on Rivers)

Succes 2010: David Silva, international spaniol castigator al Campionatului European de Fotbal in 2008

David Silva este un fotbalist spaniol care joacă pe post de mijlocaş ofensiv la Valencia CF şi la echipa naţională a Spaniei.

Succes 2010: Ann-Margret - Viva Elvis & Las Vegas

Actriţă suedeză de film si cantareata, Ann-Margret a cunoscut celebritatea dupa ce a jucat in Bye, Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas, The Cincinnati Kid, Carnal Knowledge si Tommy. De-a lungul carierei a castigat cinci Golden Globe Awards. A fost nominalizata de doua ori la Oscar, de doua ori la premiile Grammy, o data la Screen Actors Guild Award, de cinci ori la Emmy Awards.
In 1993, Ann-Margret a jucat in Morocanosii, celebrul film cu Walter Matthau si Jack Lemmon.
In timpul filmarilor la Viva Las Vegas, Ann a avut o idila cu Elvis. Acesta este unul dintre motivele pentru care este sufocata cu corespondenta de fanii americani, cultul pentru Elvis determinandu-i pe unii amatori sa inventeze domenii de colectionare derivate din pasiunea pentru regele rock and roll-ului. Asa ca Ann este inclusa, cu sau fara voia ei - in colectia tematica "Iubitele lui Elvis". O colectie cu - nu e cazul suedezei! - foarte multe necunoscute...

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Succes 2010: Greg Norman, Marele Rechin Alb al golfului

Greg Norman e un jucator de golf si antreprenor australian. In cariera sa de jucator de golf s-a mentinut 331 de saptamani pe primul loc in lume. Este poreclit Marele Rechin Alb datorita stilului sau agresiv de joc si a parului blond.
In casa din Florida a lui Norman a cazut pe scari Bill Clinton, presedintele Us avand atunci nevoie de o interventie chirurgicala imediata la tendoanele unui genunchi.

Succes 2010: Oliver Schopf, caricaturist al cotidianului austriac Der Standarde

Dupa o corespondenta purtata pe email, Herr Oliver Schopf s-a oferit sa-mi trimita doua recente albume cu caricaturile sale, ambele semnate, un exemplar din cotidianul Der Standard si o caricatura cu autograf. Danke, Herr Oliver

Succes 2010: Ed Harris

Succes 2010: Alan Alda

Succes 2010: Michael Clarke Duncan, The Green Mile

Succes 2010: Angelina Jolie

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Succes 2010: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Succes 2010: Jennifer Aniston

Succes 2010: Tom Jones

Succes 2010: Cybill Sheperd

Succes 2010: Don Johnson

Succes 2010: Ed O'Neill, ex-Al Bundy

Succes 2010: Candice Bergen

Succes 2010: Elisha Cuthbert, din serialul "24"

Succes 2010: Hale Berry

Succes 2010: Carmen Electra

Succes 2010: Michelle Williams

Succes 2010: Lisa Kudrow

Succes 2010: Christian Slater

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Succes 2010: Yanina Wickmayer, jucatoare de tenis din Belgia

Succes 2010: Juliette Lewis

Succes 2010: Poppy Montgomery

Succes 2010: Matt Leblanc

Succes 2010: Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Succes 2010: Henry Winkler

Succes 2010: Fred Savage

Efectele erupţiei vulcanului Eyjafjallajökull asupra scoliozei dorsale a factorului poştal din cartierul Iosefin

Voi ce ati facut "de nor"? Nu-mi spuneti ca n-ati fost afectati deloc-deloc, ca nu va cred. Pana si pe saracii americani i-a torturat vulcanul Eyjafjallajökul (eyja (genitivul plural de la ey, care inseamna insula), fjalla (genitivul plural de la fjall, adica munti) si jökull (adica ghetar). Desi norul n-a ajuns in America, yankeii au fost dati, totusi, peste cap de... dificultatea de a pronunta numele muntelui care scuipa fum. Dar, oameni practici, au gasit solutia: l-au rebotezat urgent, codificat, ca-n armata: E-15. E de la initiala si 15 de la numarul literelor.

Daca cei mai multi europeni au scapat dupa ce le-a pus vulcanul un pic de cenusa in cap, unii au pierdut slujbe din pricina aeroporturilor inchise, iar columbofilii s-au ingrijorat pentru campionii lor cu pene.

Postasul meu s-a bucurat degeaba marti, miercuri si joi, zile in care nu mi-a adus nici o scrisoare. Trebuia sa i se inchine lui Eyjafjallajökul pentru asta, ca vulcanul n-a lasat avioanele sa zboare.

Dar a venit si ziua de azi, cand nefericitul a trebuit sa-i bage in tolba nu mai putin de 26 de plicuri doar pentru mine, intarziate in cine stie ce colturi al lumii (expresia asta trebuie sa fie foarte veche, in orice caz e de dinainte de a se fi descoperit ca pamantul e rotund) din pricina eruptiei. Cum in curand se anunta noi evenimente vulcanice, e foarte probabil ca Mr. Postman din cartierul Iosefin sa-si ia rapid un concediu medical, pentru a duce tratative de nebeligerantza cu scolioza sa dorsala mica si scumpa, intr-o statiune balneara cu reducere pentru pensionari.

...adevarul e ca nu mi-am inchipuit niciodata ca niste diafane emailuri trimise in cele doua Americi, Africa sau Australia se pot transforma, ca un bumerang, in perverse instrumente de tortura pentru scolioza incipienta a unui vecin de cartier. Da' nu-mi pare rau deloc: daca dl postas ar fi fost curios sa afle ce inseamna chestia aia scrisa cu litere mari si rosii -"DO NOT BEND" - pe plicurile care-mi ajung intacte pana in buza cutiei postale, pentru a fi indoite de omul-cu-tolba, nu mi-as fi pus mintea cu el. Asa, cu o eruptie de ajutor din partea amicului Eyjafjallajökull, i-am facut-o si eu. Un fleac, l-am indoit!

PS Cu posta de seara mi-au mai sosit doua plicuri cu autografe, din Belgia si USA. Unul dintre acestea este al excelentei jucatoare de tenis din Belgia Yanina Wickmayer. Pentru ca a fost obtinut prin intermediul sponsorului sau, o companie de lenjerie intima, fotografia o infatiseaza pe sportiva in.. sutien. Ceea ce, dupa parerea mea, n-o va impiedica pe Yanina sa devina numarul 1 mondial in tenis peste 3-4 ani...

Lista completa:

Lahna Turner
HR Horvitz, Nobel prize winner
Rod Stewart
Ben Stiller
Matthew Fox
Drew Barrymore
Benicio del Toro
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jennifer Aniston
Tom Jones
Elisha Cuthbert
Candice Bergen
Cybill Sheperd
Don Johnson
Hale Berry
Carmen Electra
Michelle Williams
Ed O'Neill
Lisa Kudrow
Christian Slater
Poppy Montgomery
Juliette Lewis
Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Henry Winkler
Matt Leblanc
Fred Savage

Yanina Wickmayer
RJ Roberts, Nobel prize winner